EA Sports Bowl 2019 | Motion Branding

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    Steven Swanborough
Hi, I’m Steve and I am a Vancouver based Animator, Motion Designer and Editor with over 8 years of industry experience. I'm currently working at EA Canada on a variety of AAA game franchises. I have worked for a variety of clients such as Sony Playstation, JD Sports, BBC Sports, Saucy Fish, Brother and many others. Feel free to get in touch and please check out my site for examples of my work: www.stevenswanboroughdesign.com
The week before Superbowl 53, Atlanta was full of events and parties building the atmosphere and hype ready for the big day. We also get involved but throwing a big concert and gaming event. Then concert, which included artists such as Ludacris, Migos and Lil Jon, was a celebration of Atlanta’s Rap culture held on the Thursday night at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena. I was asked to bring their branding to life for the event and produce graphics they could use across social media and during the event itself. These would be used on the screens within the arena itself and across their social channels. This is a collection of work I brought together for the event.

This is the first time I’ve created something to be used in a concert and it was good to hear it all went down really well. The logo design was done in house and I had a day to animate it all and design elements that would go across all screens. It was great just having a 1 day brief to go at again. I haven’t done that in some time and it was great to get back into the motion-branding side of things.

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