Duna TV Chanel ID

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    Andris Kondacs
After the formation of MTVA those channels being under its purview received a completely new appearance. Even though efforts were made to introduce a unified system of signs I decided to create a couple of motion graphics for them, using different styles from those set because I have realized they do not exploit the opportunities provided by this art form.
From the channels related to MTVA I highlighted Duna TV. For the sake of uniformity and the possible modifications in the future I used the already existing logotype for this purpose.
This work is the combination of two parts; the ID of the channel, and the ID of the news program. Both of the works function as an alternative and a recommendation for them. The biggest challenge I faced with during this project was the question how to transform a quite conservative channel, like Duna Tv, into a more dynamic and modern state.

directed by Andras Kondacs
softwares: Maxon Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects
music by Nagz
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Project stills