DREAM_AGENT by Ariel Electron - Holeg SPIES - Thierry Gotti (Official Music Video)

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    Palmer Eldritch
DREAM_AGENT is taken from KORE KOSMOU, a collaborative album between ARIEL ELECTRON, HOLEG SPIES and THIERRY GOTTI feat. Jon Klein (Siouxsie & The Banshees, Specimen), East Bay Ray (Dead Kennedys), Patrick Savage (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) and Johnny Deluxe.

point clouds, motion captures & some 3D scans with MS Kinect v1 and the Brekel applications.
(some forestry point cloud data derived by 3D-tracking in PFTrack and directly exporting)
PC visualisations w/ Trapcode Form - 3D scan & displacement w/ Mettle Freeform Pro AE
liquids (oil in water) scanned with Kinect and imported in PFlow so as to drive FumeFX voxel grids.
all 3D fluid renders 3DMax/Vray. all glitching w/ Ruby / Python - pixel sorts w/ C74-Processing.
all edits & post in After Effects.

KORE KOSMOU album releases and remixes
Limited American CD Deluxe Edition / Holwin'Wolf Records (Feb.2015)
Digital Japanese Deluxe Edition / Wakyo Inc. (Oct.2015)

Mixed and produced by Holeg Spies between 2012/2014
Published by London Metropolis Group

All visuals* by the Denial of Service ©2015
* with the exception of processed liquid sequences sourced from the incredible work done by Nano Projections https://vimeo.com/nanoprojections & https://soundcloud.com/bionano


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