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    Rod Jorge
I’m an award-winning (whateverthatmeans) Animation Director who refuses to write in the third person. At present I function as the Lead Creative at Texture, a small production company in the heart of London. We write, conceptualize, design, film and animate. We also, as part of the job, listen to a lot really bad, mind-hogging songs and carry them home in hums (for the despair of our loved ones). In my spare time I write good ideas into crappy scripts, which I then re-write until they are half-decent. So far I’ve finished two feature films, half-a-dozen TV pilots and more than a few short films. I got a couple of them produced, but nothing you'd have seen. Yet. I’ve also probably watched any TV show you can think of. Twice. I "sound design" my every move through weird noises, I talk to myself constantly no matter who’s around me and I think I’m not immensely fat only because my Restless Leg Syndrome burns calories faster than my shitty diet is able to accumulate them.Other than that I’m completely normal (whateverthatmeans).
[Des]Dobrar is an architecture installation by Aleph Zero Architecture and Juliano Monteiro, and was built at Positivo University, in Curitiba – Brazil.
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