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    Mert Kızılay

Los Angeles based Turkish director, in love with sound, traditional art, film, photography, animation, design, humor, lecture and certain people.

Client: Syfy
Production: yU+co
Creative Direction: Garson Yu
Direction: Michael Lane Parks & Mert Kizilay
Art Direction: Mert Kizilay & Michael Lane Parks
Lead Design: Mert Kizilay & Michael Lane Parks
Editorial: Michael Lane Parks
3D Modeling: Jaime Camarillo
Motion Design/Compositing: Ash Beck, Johnny Wong, Mert Kizilay
Matte Painter: Barry Jackson

Syfy created Defiance with a lot of interesting races, characters and they reintroduced the nature with beautiful flora. We wanted to take all the elements of this new world and create a symbolic, surreal timeline, with it's nature, habitat, society, and futuristic atmosphere.
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Broadcast Design