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    Oscar MANTILLA
Art director, motion designer and visual artist based in Paris and Lyon, France. I’m currently interested in a more multidisciplinary approach of Digital art and Design. Exploring new techniques and new ways of creating as virtual reality, coding, music and art installations. The subject of my work is the creation of unexpected links between creativity, visual communication and digital arts.
Happy to be part of this amazing and ambitious project. Working along with we the educators we managed to create a series of playful and friendly short films about the future of public education.

Get a deeper understanding, explore the differences, the choices we make and what they mean for the future of pubic education.


Direction & Script :
Graham Brown-Martin - grahambrownmartin.com

Art Direction, illustration and motion graphics:
Oscar Mantilla - oscarmantilla.fr

Music and Sound Design :
Pauline Le Caignec - plcsounddesign.tumblr.com

Production :
Education International, Alberta Teachers Association, & Canada Teachers Federation

For more information about this project and others visit: www.oscarmantilla.fr
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Creative Director Oscar Mantilla


Project stills