Darling Harbour brand video

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    Mike Tosetto
I'm a Motion Designer based in Sydney, Australia. I love to create animation, 3D and videos.
Interbrand were commissioned by SHFA (Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority) to develop a brand that would build a platform for the future.

To create the balloon typeface, I hand modelled and crafted each individual letter in 3D. We then created a set of useable guidelines for any designers who will use the brand, without needing any knowledge of 3D software. Designers can easily change colours, scale and arrange the letterforms in any configuration they please.

I made a video to introduce the new brand to the world, compositing 3D words into live action footage from the precinct.

Creative Direction: Mike Rigby and Chris Maclean
Designers: Diana Chirilas, Briton Smith, Ed Hall, Flick Williams & Joao Peres
Motion & 3D: Mike Tosetto
Copywriters: Mike Rigby, Chris Maclean & Lex Courts
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