DARKDAY - Teaser Trailer

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    Jonas Strandberg
Teaser Credits:
Idea, Design, Animation: Jonas Strandberg Ringh
Text and Voice Over: Danny Wattin
Sound: Babe Elliott Baker
Sound Mix: Fredrik Hamfelt

Photo References: Creative Commons and Jonas Strandberg Ringh

Produced by Cubadust

Today is the day it all will change. The day Daniel finally will honor the promise he made to his girlfriend all those years ago. A promise that tore them and their love apart.
Darkday is a story about guilt, dreams of a better life and the way we bend reality in order to justify and live with our actions. It is a dark tale about love, identity and the importance of always wearing a polo-neck sweater after a head-transplant.
Shot in a reality close to you, this is Panda-noir at its finest.
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Director Jonas Strandberg Ringh
Sound Designer


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