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    Steve Gerges
Motion Designer / Director with 15+ Years of experience in the fields of Motion Design, Video Production, Direction, Graphic Design and Interactive Media, I’ve had the privilege to work with numerous brands in Luxembourg and abroad on a variety of projects ranging from Commercials, Corporate Films, Explainer Videos, Motion Design, VFX and Interactive Media.
Cronos is a reflection on the creation of the universe. The film, set in a graphical environment, aims at a representation of the early stages of the universe up to the appearance of mankind leading to the development on manmade structures and finally to space exploration. But the question remains: What will we find out there ?

CRONOS was shown at the Luxembourg City Light Nights on the 8/9/10 December 2016. it is an big scale immersive video projection with 5.1 surround sound.


Concept / Direction / Animation: Steve Gerges (stevegerges.com)
Music: Max Roger
Sound Design and Mix: Ben Barnich (bamhaus.lu)
Camera: Raoul Schmitz (welcometoskin.com)

Thanks to the Ville de Luxembourg and the LCTO for the opportunity to work on this project.
And thanks to my 3 girls at home (Patricia, Lea, Mae) who supported me during the creation of this movie.

Link to the final (flat) render: https://vimeo.com/196063923

Technical Notes: The original movie was a 9400*1280 render which was split in 9 screens and used 15 beamers for the video projection.
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Director Steve Gerges
Music Composer


Project stills

Projection Mapping