Creativity Rules 2018 – Opener

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    Michael Rieplhuber
Michael is a motion graphic design student and everyday artist from Germany.
Creativity Rules takes place at four different locations in Hallein. The concept behind this year's opener was to create a unique color world for each location with it's own movement and haptics.
At the end the colors mix to represent the visitors of Creativity Rules merging and sharing ideas.

Also check out the idents: https://vimeo.com/275475778
Visit Creativity Rules: https://www.creativityruleshallein.com/


Producers: Larissa Paar, Anna Brunner, Michael Rieplhuber
Animation: Michael Rieplhuber
Editing: Michael Rieplhuber
Sound Design: Dominic Caudr


Website: www.rieplhuber.com
E-Mail: [email protected]

Instagram: @Rieplhuber
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Rieplhuber
Twitter: @RieplhuberGD
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Producer Anna Brunner

Project stills

Experimental / Art