Convergence (2019) A Short Film

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    Sam Jack Gilmore
In a world in which original ideas have become a rarity, one shared idea happened at the same place and the same time is about to cause a cosmic event.


The story for Convergence began as my obsession with flat roofed pubs from the north of England developed. As a cultural icon in Britain, they were once a social hub for working-class communities and now they're being torn down at an alarming rate.

At the same time Brexit gloom and doom was in the air. The nay sayers from London pointed the finger, largely, to the north of England for being xenophobic or under educated on the issue. Me being raised largely in the north myself that put a bit of a chip on my shoulder so I just thought wouldn't it be great if...and the story blossomed from there.

Hope you enjoy!


A film by Sam Jack Gilmore (www.samgilmore.com) @samjackgilmore
VO by Ron Donachie
Music and Sound Design by Wonderkid Sound (www.wonderkidsound.com) @wonderkidsound
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