Club America : All The Things I've Done (Feat. Da Deputy)

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    Daniel Bruson

Brazilian synth-pop duo Club America stars in this cartoonish delirious tale about their encounter with north american hip hop artist Da Deputy. With singing flowers, camel guitars and keyboardist Halle Berry, it’s an animated music video for the second single from their album “To Get There” (2013).

The band gave me complete creative freedom, so it took me three months to make it all digitally. I'm happy I could count on my friend Vitor Cervi to do the animation on a couple of scenes, and of course with the help of my beloved lady Talita Annunciato, who was with me through all the process and with whom I bounced all the ideas.

Year: 2014

Direction, Animation, Compositing, Story : Daniel Bruson
Assistant Animation : Vitor Cervi
General Assistance : Talita Annunciato

Please check : www.clubamerica.com.br
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