Chasing Space

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    Marco Bagni
I'm a freelance Motion Designer, mainly focusing on Animated Infographics, Visual Storytelling, UI/UX and Direction.Get in touch!
So we have this process, called life, it's aware of itself, it's aware of itself through you, you are an instrument through which the Universe looks at itself.
The Universe is looking at itself through you, and because of this there is always an aspect of itself that it can't see.

Like a snake pursuing his own tale.

That's what we find as we investigate the Universe:
Make the microscope bigger and bigger, and we will find ever more minute things;
Make the telescope bigger and bigger, and the Universe expands, because it's running away from itself;

It won't do that if you don't chase it!

You cannot take the whole of it, but you can get rid of it!

People around you will do the utmost to persuade you that you are missing something, because they are missing something and they think they are getting it, through a certain way; and therefore, to assure theirselves, they like you to do it too!



Concept/Animation: www.lostconversation.com
Sound: SARC:O www.iamsarco.com

Words here taken and interpreted from Alan Watts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqmkRrFYO1w
(must watch at least 1st minute)

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