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    Alex Robinson
Animation production company
An epic, frame-by-frame animation for the Brawl Stars community, which asked the players to colour in one frame for the chance to be featured in the final film credits – and to win in-game rewards.


The Brawl Stars players just love fan art – it’s a BIG part of the community.We wanted to harness their creativity with a massive fan art challenge. The ask? To colour in one still frame of an animation, which we would stitch together into a massive, community-made film, built from the very best entries. Then, we’d give those who were featured real in-game rewards. 

WHAT WE DID: we crafteda film crammed full of action – making any frame the community chose interesting and worthy of their time.Our action-packed, black and white, frame-by-frame animation showed some of the most popular Brawl Stars characters in action. To make sure each entry would be seen clearly in the final film, the frame rate was dropped to 12 f/s, allowing players to scroll through and admire each individual work of art.We then dropped the B&W frames in batches on Reddit, over five weeks. The community chose their favourite frame, coloured it in however they wanted, then re-shared it back on the channel.Then, after careful consideration, we made our shortlist of 297 frames (from over 700 entries) and stitched the final film together. All featured players took home 100 Gems, and we even had a credit sequence that gave everyone who took part a shout-out.
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