Bolt x Mashd n Kucher

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    GRAMM Studio
It's not every day you get a phone call to see if you can put together a music video with Usain Bolt and Mashd n Kutcher, for Optus.  But we're definitely a fan of those days...

The team at emotive had a shoot with Bolt and the dancers, which included some slick dance moves and whole heap of random shots.  They also brought in Mashd n Kutcher to the craft beats, before it all came over to us with a brief of 'make something to start summer... and make it cool!'  (Usain pretty much takes care of the last bit).

Client: Optus
Creative, Production & Amplification: Emotive
Strategy Lead/CEO: Simon Joyce
Director: Andrew Cameron
Editor: Uthayan Selvaraj
Social Media Director: Jamie Crick
Music Partnerships Director: Aimee Stewart
PR: Optus
Animation/VFX: Gramm Studios
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