Bleech - complexity made simple

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    Goldener Westen
We are a design agency for strategic storytelling. We design stories. And the right one for everyone. We listen well, understand you and your focus groups, develop narratives, stories and attitudes and transport your content based on them - so that it gets across.

What’s the use of having great ideas for a website if you can’t find who implements them? Designers need developers, but communication between them isn't easy. Bleech are different. Though being a technical service provider working in front-end development, they understand creatives, they’re happy to try new things, and are natural-born communicators. This video showcases their workflow and technical prowess, as well as their openness, courage and enjoyment of what they do. Very few developers are bold enough to want something like that. It makes you believe they’d gladly accept any challenge a creative team could throw their way.

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Agency Goldener Westen
Creative Director Toby Mory
Illustrator Daniel Ramirez Perez
Lead Animator Herbert Müller
3D Animator Leo Rey
Sound Designer Alex Stolze
Voiceover Marianne Graffam
Mixing Nikolaus Radeke
Copywriter Philipp Siegert Darren Williams


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