Beyond Tellerrand

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Device is an audiovisual design studio based in Barcelona.We focuse on direction and art direction for design, motion graphics, audio and installations.We work with different styles we consider opposites, that interrelate to one another, generating our whole body of work. That's why we symmetrically divided our website into the white and black side.

Opening Titles for Beyond Tellerrand held in Düsseldorf, Germany in May 2015. A meeting place for design, technology and inspiration.

Beyond Tellerrand invited us to create the opening for it’s fifth edition. We proposed a visual journey through a personal and naïve interpretation of interactive work, representing the most thorough, methodical and organized part of the process through repetition, and the creative side through clever abstract compositions and a colorful palette, aiming to exalt both sides of the process.

The speakers appear amongst a tridimensional variety of a bold, geometric graphic imaginary, creating audiovisual loops with a mechanical behaviour, showing repetition in an appealing and fun way to reflect creativity.

Client: Beyond Tellerrand

Direction, design & animation: Device

Music & sound design: Aimar Molero


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