Ben & Jerry's topped

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    Cris Wiegandt
Specializing in stop motion, I am a multi-award winning animation director & designer who mixes rhythm and colors to create fantastical worlds that reach far beyond the every day. As well as unique storylines and an outstanding dedication to detail, my work is inspired by the richness of cultures, creativity and imagination that I have experienced on my journey from Sao Paulo to Berlin. As a freelance director, animator, and designer I am experienced in all aspects of conceptualizing and creating crafts for both illustration and film. My work has already inspired clients such as Coca-Cola, Ben & Jerry's, Disney, Pepsi and EVIAN, to name just a few.
When the agency Mekanism asked me if I wanted to go to London to create a stop motion animation for Ben & Jerry’s and eat lots of ice cream with the art director Jess Deacon, I didn’t need asking twice.

Seriously inspired by their delicious ‘Topped’ range, we rode our sugar high into a sweet and whimsical world where salted caramel vines climb and chocolate brownies grow on trees that are watered with delicious liquid fudge.

Client: Ben & Jerry’s  
Product: Ben & Jerry’s Topped
Agency: Mekanism
Senior Art Director: Philip Cheaney
Senior Producer: Rainbow Partridge 
Senior Account: McKenzie Badger
Production Company: Hush London
Director: Cris Wiegandt
Exec Producer: Ru Warner 
DOP: Simon Paul 
Focus Puller: Alex Taylor
Gaffer: Robin Brigham
Animator: Anthony Farquhar-Smith
Art Director and Head of Crafts: Jess Deacon
Craft Department: Jess Deacon, Cris Wiegandt, Cintia Bertaccini, Tina Luo
Food Stylist: Seiko Hatfield
Non Paper Models: Paradigm Effects LTD
Compositing: Maria Cecilia Tedemalm
Color Grading: Denny cooper 

Year of production: 2017
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Director Cris Wiegandt