BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2016 Graphics

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    Steven Swanborough
Hi, I’m Steve and I am a Vancouver based Animator, Motion Designer and Editor with over 8 years of industry experience. I'm currently working at EA Canada on a variety of AAA game franchises. I have worked for a variety of clients such as Sony Playstation, JD Sports, BBC Sports, Saucy Fish, Brother and many others. Feel free to get in touch and please check out my site for examples of my work: www.stevenswanboroughdesign.com
These are the graphics I recently produced for the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year awards held in November 2016. I had completely free reign over this. All the producer wanted was a nod back to the old style of BBC graphics and the old TV and Sports guides.

Each piece was to show part of the year and what sporting achievements had been made over that quarter and athletes that had just missed the nominations list. I designed the brochure you see flicking open as if it was actually going to be printed. It ended up being about 20 pages long with a lot of the past winners and runners up in it. I would then end on a shot showing a page of that particular quarter of the year and who had produced outstanding performances. Also, as we had early access to the nominations list I could work them into my design. So on the table I placed photographs of all the nominations just to remind you who was up for the award through the programme. All the sound effects were laid over the top in the edit so these are just the clean renders before they went to broadcast.

I also had a hand of a good friend Cameron Jackson who helped produce the 12 month stings you saw throughout the coverage transitioning from the graphics I had produced to the footage. The work went down really well with the in BBC Sports team and the senior most editor who thought it was "Perfect" and "Exactly what Sports Personality is all about" which is great to hear.

This signed the end of my year working in house at the BBC studio in Salford but I am looking forward to working with them again from the shores of Vancouver.
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