(Back in time) WIP animation from my new upcoming Back to the Future inspired project..!!!

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    martin birch
Hi my name is Martin Birch and i am the owner of mlbgfx.com I provide animation, motion graphics, concept design and creative direction. I specialize in providing motion graphics and animation (2D/3D) over a wide range of media, including Broadcast Graphics and Titles Design. Motion Graphics for Social Media platforms (e.g.Vine, Instagram, youtube and facebook) and Concept development (e.g Storyboards/Concepts/Visuals). I have over 17 years professional experience within the Adobe Creative Suite. I also have over 7 years professional experience in Cinema 4D.
Check out this awesome compilation of Work in Progress Animations, concept renders and test renders from my new personnel project..which is a celebration of the awesome Back to the Future trilogy... entitled..(Back in Time).
This piece is edited to the awesome Huey Lewis and the News track...(Back in Time).
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Project stills