AEAF - Title Sequence

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Sydney-based studio Substance provides design-led VFX and art direction for film and TVCs, and specialises in title sequence design.
Australian Effects and Animation Festival/Awards: 2016

The tools are set up, arranged and ready. VR Visors, Go Pros, Macs, cameras, pencils, laptops, and the obligatory cups of coffee that fuel all artists; everything we need to create...
But the equipment multiplies and overtakes us. Order gives way to a flood of creative possibility, a storm that threatens to swallow us, a rising tide that we struggle to control.
Hard work, clear thought, and willpower tame the onslaught, and so we end on order re-established, technology tamed and bent to our will, giving form to creative intent.

The titles are a celebration of the creative tools used in the majority of the AEAF Award entries, as well as the content being presented and discussed at the conference. These days, this is mostly standard desktop hardware and cameras that are not only better, but more affordable than ever. 2016 saw a definite skew towards VR in AEAF’s subject matter, and so the headsets - most of them beautifully designed objects in their own right - also feature prominently.

Direction: Scott Geersen
Edit: Joe Morris
Music: Adam & Dan Skinner
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