A Victim Of Duty

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    Tore Bahnson
painter, filmmaker, digital puppetmaker, photographer, musician, composer, experimentalist, anti-conformist, poet, writer, animator, sculptor, dad, husbond, granddad
At seven o’clock in the evening there was a knock on our door…

Choubert is a man with great respect for authority. One night he must confront the sadistic policeman that’s suddenly knocking on his door.
Will this be Choubert’s demise?
Or will he find strength in a more rebellious side of himself?

A digital stop motion short by danish artist Tore Bahnson (http://www.artstax.dk), adapted from a story by Eugene Ionesco, with music by Polwechsel (http://www.polwechsel.com) and voices by Paul Bond.
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Experimental / Art