a brief history of skateboarding

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Some history squeezed into a few minutes of visuals.

Direction & Animation: Antonio Vicentini
Art Direction: David Galasse
Additional art: Antonio Vicentini
Script: Antonio Vicentini, Fernando Gosuen, John Diazz
Sound Design: Caco Teixeira, Antonio Vicentini
Voice Talent: Phil Miler
Credit's song: One Less Scumbag
Music & Audio library: incompetech.com / freesound.org
Script was based on the informative article by Steve Cave

Connect with us:
Antonio - http://boobiesareawesome.tv
David - http://davidgalasse.com
Caco - http://sonoplastico.com
Fernando - http://henrygosuen.tumblr.com
Phil - http://philmiler.com
Steve - http://abt.cm/16TMHZo
OLS - http://soundcloud.com/one-less-scumbag
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Experimental / Art