3D Isometric Rooms

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    Ashley Hyatt
I'm Ash, a Freelance 2D & 3D Graphic/Motion Designer based in London & Surrey, UK. Originally employed in print and production following an education in typographic design and having worked at agencies both large and small, I developed a wide range of skills working across numerous areas of design. As the industry evolved and shifted towards digital design I adapted my skills to suit with a focus on motion graphics. I have developed a varied skill set utilising Adobe Creative Cloud, using After Effects and Cinema 4D, along with a wide range of plug-ins including X-Particles, Octane Render and Red Giants Trapcode Suite. I also have many years of experience using Photoshop to carry out image retouching and a wealth of knowledge using Illustrator and InDesign. Always keeping up-to-date with the latest technology, I am well-versed in using Mac and PC.

This is a personal project where I wanted to create a series of isometric 3D rooms, each with their own distinct environment.

Everything was built and animated using Cinema 4D and then taken into After Effects for editing and additional treatments.

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