BassAwards 2017

March 17, 2017 In Advertising

Hit that render button!
The 2017 BassAwards are open for submissions from March 21. 

The BassAwards- The International Awards of Motion Graphics, Animation and Broadcast Design start the 5th Edition.

As every year, BassAwards look for the best designers, the best agencies and the most renowned televisions in the world to face in this competition without barriers.

The BassAwards want reward, once again, the best audiovisual pieces worldwide, which make a major use of Motion Graphics and animation, as well as excellent design, creativity and execution. No matter the size of the company, if you are freelance or who is your customer. BassAwards look for the best.

After 4 years of success, this 5th edition starts giving a chance to all the striking pieces that have a dazzling creativity, with an exquisite workmanship and an impeccable result. That will be a guarantee of success.

As a great platform of launch and promotion adapted to the times, they have renewed their style and adapting the contest to their audience.

This year renew the 9 categories, reviewing the works and concerns of the participants of past editions. In 2017, the animation design for series or Internet programs, among others, will have room in BassAwards, with the intention of finding the best creatives in practically all the audiovisual sectors. The contest will start on 21st March and will finish on 30th May. BassAwards remain hopeful like every year to find the excellence, rewarding the bests.